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The Ranger QCT

ranger qctThe Ranger QCT is a versatile control valve, that has numerous benefits for any working plant or operating site. Some of its many benefits are:

1.) QCT stands for ‘Quick Change Trim’

The seal retainer on the face of the valve is held in place by two screws. Once you remove this seal retainer, you can replace it with a seal retainer that gives you 20%, 40% or 60% of the max Cv of the valve. This process only takes 5 minutes to replace the trim

2.) The cage and plug can be changed without removing the actuator. Our competition uses a spline shaft to connect the plug to the stem. We use a tongue and grove connection. This allows you to remove the plug and cage without having to pull the actuator and stem out of the valve. This means you can completely rebuild the body assembly of the valve without effecting the calibration of the actuator and the positioner

3.) The packing of the Ranger is live loaded and has a special device added to the packing gland. There are two knurled knobs on the packing gland, beneath these knobs are Bellville washers. This provides the spring effect to the live loaded packing. These special knobs let you know that your packing is loose and needs to be adjusted before the packing starts to leak. If you can turn the knurled knobs then your packing is to loose so you tighten just enough that the knob doesn’t turn. Then you have provided the proper torque to the packing. This is basically a built in torque wrench

4.) The S/S version can reach temperatures from -218 degrees to 400 degrees C

5.) The Ranger is available is sizes from 1” thru 8”, with flangeless 600# or 150#, 300#, and 600# flanges

6.) ST1 trim give you a metal seat as well as a composition seat so it will work in any application you throw at it

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