Protect your Tank and Comply with the EPA

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December 18 , 2015 | Posted by adminfest |

Protect your Tank and Comply with the EPA

blog-imageThe EPA and associated regulations are becoming more stringent year over year. Products stored in tanks, and fuel gas used to blanket tanks, need to be tightly controlled. This includes gas sent to flare or vapor recovery. API 12F and API 650 tanks are prone to damage from vacuum. A blanketing valve will protect a tank from imploding and also assist in the prevention of corrosion, and explosion.

The Cashco 1078 is a popular option used by many end users in the USA, Canada, and world-wide for this application. When first brought to market in 1987 it was known as the “Vacu-Gard”.

Standard pressure regulators are used to blanket tanks. These do not shut-off tight at set-point. Usually these set-points are in inches of water column (less than 0.2 psi). Overpressure is required to push the plug into the seat. This overpressure could bring the tank above its maximum allowable pressure, or below its maximum allowable vacuum.

The Cashco model 1078 does not operate like a pressure reducing regulator, but as an on/off valve. The valve begins closed bubble-tight at set-point, and when the tank pressure drops below set-point does the valve open to blanket. When the tank reaches the set-point, the valve closes with no overpressure.

The Cashco model 1078, as well as: PVRVs, Pilot Operated PVRVs, Emergency Vents, Thief Hatches, and flame arrestors are available from EnerFest, Inc. Contact us at 403-261-8008, or sales@enerfest.com for more information and to obtain a quote. Thank you for your time.