Ideal Regulator for Burner Applications

Enerfest INCIdeal Regulator for Burner Applications



May 3 , 2016 | Posted by adminfest |

Ideal Regulator for Burner Applications

Burner systems require a steady supply of natural gas at very low pressures to function properly. For
proper operation and long burner life, there are very few products that can fit the bill. One regulator that can meet the needs of any burner system is the Cashco PGR-1, pilot operated gas regulator. Some of the benefits of this product are:

1.) Built-in stabilizing regulator for reducing the inlet pressure to the piloting system. This allows for much higher pressures to the unit. This means that installing a regulator upstream of the PGR is not required.

2.) Trim adjustment needle valves allows you to trim the valve out when it is unstable. When you fire up a pilot operated valve it goes into a hunting sequence cycling open and closed. This trim adjustment gives you the ability to make adjustments to stabilize your process and deal with any upsets.

3.) Gas filters are standard on all units which allows you to use the PGR-1 on fuel gas grade natural gas, which is quite popular in Canada. Fuel gas is dirty natural gas, and the filter allows clean gas to the pilot.

regulator-for-burner-applicationsThe Cashco PGR-1, as well as various other pressure reducing and back pressure regulators are available from EnerFest, Inc. Contact us at 403-261- 8008, or sales@enerfest.com for more information and to obtain a quote. Thank you for your time.