PLT Mag-Gage

Enerfest INCPLT Mag-Gage



Magnetic Liquid Gage provides one of the safest and most economical solutions to measure and control your level measurement needs. A few of their offerings are:

  • Magnetic Liquid Level gauges
  • Magnetostrictive Transmitters
  • Magnetic Point Level Indicators
  • Lube Oil Indicators Float Switches
  • Tank Bridals/ Seal Pots
  • Magnetic Sight Flow Indicators


Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge

  • Lower Installation Costs.
  • One piece Mag-Gage™ is easily installed. It does not require multiple tank connections or expensive piping required with sight glasses.
  • All Material used for pressure containment shall meet ASME/ANSI standards.
  • For Extreme Pressures and Temperatures Schedule 80 or Schedule 160 will be used per ASME/ANSI code.
  • Branch connections are reinforced with O-Let’s 600# ANSI and above

Magnetostrictive Transmitter

  • Non-invasive transmitter.
  • Level sensor is a network of Reed Switches and resistors contained in a heavy wall stainless steel pipe, and is mounted parallel with the gauge chamber.
  • Level transmitter takes change in resistance from the level sensor, and is field rangeable to provide a full scale output over any portion of the span.

Magnetic Point Level Indicator

  • Anodized aluminum or stainless steel enclosure.
  • Immune to differential thermal expansion.
  • The flags are solid one-piece ceramic magnetic material – no aluminum or ferrite plastics.
  • Meets ASME Boiler Code (PG60) for water level indicators on Boiler Drum.

Magnetic Sight Flow Indicator

  • The C-FLO 360 is constructed of non-magnetic material, available with flanged, threaded or butt-weld process connections.
  • A turbine with magnetic assembly is located inside the flow chamber.
  • The 360-degree rotating indicator contains its own magnetic assembly, which interlocks with the turbine through the flow chamber.
  • As the turbine spins with the flow, the indicator will spin via magnetic attraction.
  • Liquid or gas.
  • Maintenance free.
  • ANSI/ASME rated.
  • Mounts at any angle.
  • 360 degree visibility.
  • No need for wipers or flappers.
  • Can be seen from 200 feet plus.
  • No process in contact with glass.
  • Replaces conventional glass sight flows.
  • Safer for personnel and the environment.
  • Performs in extreme pressures and temperatures.