Galli & Cassina

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Situated in Italy, Galli&Cassina specializes in high quality lubricated and non-lubricated plug valves. Some of the types of their plug valves are:

  • Pressure Balanced “Full Bore”
  • Two Way Pressure Balanced
  • Two Way Full Jacketed
  • PTFE Sleeve
  • Multi-Port-Three-Four Way
  • Two Way Standard Type
  • Double Block and Bleed
  • Actuated Valve


Lubricated Plug Valve

  • The lubrication of the plug can be done any time when it is necessary to guarantee the tightness of the valve, even when the valve is in service.
  • During valve rotation, open/close or reverse, each groove is insulated from the rest of lubricant system, thus avoiding any possibility of lubricant leakage into the line.

Two Way Full Jacketed

  • ANSI 150-300 lb. DIN PN 16-40 (flanges only).

Pressure Balanced Full Bore Plug Valve

  • Can be used in critical services such as slurries and mining, or in piggable gas pipelines.
  • Equal to the adjacent pipe area – allows for the same fluid velocity inside the valve, as in the pipeline.
  • The valve’s turning and sealing ability is guaranteed by the lubricant/sealant system.

Multiport-Three-Four Way

  • ANSI 150-300 lb. DIN PN 16-40 (Flanges only).
  • Transflow/Non Transflow Pattern.

Double Block and Bleed

  • Savings in weight, space and installation time.
  • Reduction of leak paths to atmosphere, therefore reducing the risk of the potential hazards this entails.
  • Cavity venting is provided by either a ball or globe OS&Y vent valve so that trapped pressure between the two isolation valves is safely vented.
  • Two plugs in one body with highly flexible design.