EnerFest Inc

EnerFest, Inc. is a solution provider for field instrumentation that includes a complete range of valves and a provider of integrated electrical solutions.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we provide leading edge products and solutions to the Western Canadian market.

Our Vision

Is to be an energetic and progressive company, directed at providing value added solutions for our clients.

Technical Sales Manager Michael Baker at ISA Show Calgary 2019, Briefing about what ultrasonic are and Other Application how they function. followed by the typical applications of ultrasonic meters and applications to avoid

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  • Ultra-high performance plug valves for slurry
    AZ-Armaturen South Africa Pty Ltd (AZ), a subsidiary of the German operation, AZ-Armaturen Group, is, among other products, a manufacturer of high-quality, sleeved, self-lubricating plug valves which are intended primarily for use in the aggressive and abrasive environments of the chemical, petrochemical and mining industries. In 2007, AZ…

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  • The Ranger QCT
    The Ranger QCT is a versatile control valve, that has numerous benefits for any working plant or operating site. Some of its many benefits are: 1.) QCT stands for ‘Quick Change Trim’ The seal retainer on the face of the valve is held in place by two screws. Once…

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  • Ideal Regulator for Burner Applications
    Burner systems require a steady supply of natural gas at very low pressures to function properly. For proper operation and long burner life, there are very few products that can fit the bill. One regulator that can meet the needs of any burner system is the Cashco PGR-1, pilot…

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  • Washdown Equipment for the Processing Industry
    For the process industry associated with pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, biotechnology, food processing, beverage, power, dairy and pulp and paper industries, it is essential and in most cases mandatory to wash and sterilize equipment. It is important to keep a simplistic design and consider ease of use without compromising reliability…

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  • Protect your Tank and Comply with the EPA
    The EPA and associated regulations are becoming more stringent year over year. Products stored in tanks, and fuel gas used to blanket tanks, need to be tightly controlled. This includes gas sent to flare or vapor recovery. API 12F and API 650 tanks are prone to damage from vacuum.…

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